Is it fair to sell the vision of a dream at the price of one’s survival?

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A gastronomic delight that will cheer you up on the worst of days.

Have you ever woken up on a chilly morning and craved a dish that feels like a big, tight hug? A dish that warms you up like your favorite sweater and is as wholesome as a mother tongue? That dish for me is Clam Rice, or as we call it…

A celebration of contrasts in a hearty bowl.

Pho is unarguably the most famous Vietnamese dish in the U.S., but did you know there are many variations of the dish in its home country? Hanoi-style pho is the version I grew up with and feel closest to. Picture this: Pan-seared…

This dish encapsulates my whole childhood in a bowl.

This positive word got me through a negative year.

“If I see you on the street, I will shoot you.”

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And I used to hate it.

Image via Typic Travel Vietnam.

I’ve lived in New York for 74 washing cycles. Not two of them were the same.

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I think the second most well-known song in Vietnam, behind our national anthem, is ABBA’s “Happy New Year.” People play it in every home, at every bar and on every TV channel on New Year’s Eve. Teachers teach it in school and its chorus could be sung by most Vietnamese…

Sieu Nguyen

In a constant search for something mind-blowing // IG: littlepotatow

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